HAAS Staff
Left-to-right: Sheila Olsen, Tristan Becherer, Wendy Endres, Darrin Vieth, Amie Anderson, Anita Fisher

Wendy Endres


Wendy is the President of Housing Authority Accounting Specialists, Inc. As President, she is responsible for the day to day operations of the business with regards to handling accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and also working with the employees and outside vendors. She also handles the preparation of financial statements for the clients she is responsible for.

Wendy has been with Housing Authority Accounting Specialists, Inc. since March 1992. She graduated from high school in 1986. She attended one year of college at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and one year at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.

In her 23 years with the firm, she has been involved in tenant accounting, payroll tax accounting, preparing financial statements and other key documents for the client, preparing the MD&A for audit purposes, working closely with HUD personnel in regards to clients and consulting as it relates to general ledger and accounting assistance. She is meticulous in her efforts to provide accurate and timely financial information to the client.

When Wendy isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her kids, walking outside in the fresh air and occasionally putting her feet up with a good book and a glass of wine.

Darrin F. Vieth

Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer

Following his service in the United States Navy (1990-1994), Darrin joined the family firm in 1994 and began performing all tenant accounting functions using the Housing Data Systems software. Because of increasing demands from PHAs for HAAS accounting services, he became head of staff in new account setup.

It was in this capacity that Darrin got his feet wet in the world of financial accounting for PHAs. By performing new client setups he was able to get a firm grasp on the PHA’s financial health as well as target areas of possible concern.

In 2001 Darrin started keeping all new client setups as his own clients as another staff fee accountant was needed due to word-of-mouth of HAAS’s quality of work. Darrin believes that by starting from the ground up with a new client, a strong bond of trust is created and further collaboration is easily achieved.

Darrin’s experience in the U.S. Navy while serving on board the U.S.S. Tripoli during Desert Storm has given a strong sense of attention to detail and pride in a job well done. Darrin also enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing and reading.

Amie Anderson Vieth


Amie graduated from Northern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2006. She worked for 4 years for a CPA firm specializing in auditing PHA’s before starting as an accountant at HAAS in 2010. She now has 5 years of experience with HAAS as a fee accountant. She is married to Darrin Vieth, and enjoys being outdoors, reading, and family time with their blended family of 5 children!

Tristan Becherer


Tristan is an accountant with Housing Authority Accounting Specialists, Inc. since June 2011. He has experience working with payroll tax, financial, and tenant accounting. Tristan consistently provides timely and accurate financial statements and other reports for clients.

Tristan graduated from high school in 2009. In 2009 he started attending Western Technical College in La Crosse Wisconsin and graduated in 2011 with an Associate Degree in Accounting. While attending Western Technical College, Tristan was named on the President’s List all four semesters for having a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

In his spare time, Tristan likes to read books, spend time in the kitchen cooking and baking, and spending time outdoors and with family.

Sheila Olsen


Sheila is a staff accountant with our firm. She was hired in May 1980 by Housing Data Specialists, Inc. When the business split in 1993 she was transferred to Housing Authority Accounting Specialists, Inc. Her duties in her many years of service have included tenant accounting, payroll tax accounting, preparing financial statements, preparing budgets and financial reporting.

She graduated from Aquinas High School in La Crosse, WI and attended college at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

In her free time, she likes to fish, camp and spend time with her grandchildren.

Anita Fisher


Anita has been a staff accountant at HAAS, Inc. for nearly five years. She previously worked in public accounting as a governmental and non-profit auditor. Anita received undergraduate degrees in both business management and accounting, and became a CPA in 2009.

Outside of work, Anita enjoys spending time with her husband, two step-children, and two puppy dogs. She can most often be found with a book in her hand.