“As a customer of Housing Authority Accounting Specialists for over 15 years I can attest to the quality care I have received. In a financial atmosphere that changes daily, the assurance of working with HAAS has enabled our staff to concentrate on the issues that we face. Their knowledge of government financial reporting and the services they offer are phenomenal. This allows us to concentrate on making a difference in the lives of so many people.”

Anjanette Shoemaker, PHM
Executive Director
Reed City Housing Commission

“All of the HAAS staff have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable about budgetary requirements and HUD financial reporting, which is so important for a PHA. They also do our payroll tax reporting. Our audits have always been positive, and the auditors have actually commented on the great job our fee accountant has done each year. HAAS is responsive to any requests I have, and patient with us too! There is no question that HAAS is the agency that PHA’s should use as their fee accountant.”

Gail J. Hall
ED Rapid River Housing Commission

“As a new director, I was pleased to learn our housing commission already had a fee accountant in place, but I had no idea just how much their knowledge and services would assist me in navigating HUD’s complex and ever-changing financial requirements and reporting. Housing Authority Accounting Specialists, Inc. (HAAS) has proven to be an invaluable piece of our commission’s administration. Their expertise is specific to PHA matters that regular accounting firms are unfamiliar with. They include complete and accurate reports that alleviate time consuming record keeping and allow our staff to focus on tenants and other areas of property management. They are always available for questions and concerns, and provide prompt and professional assistance and support whenever needed. I am thankful to have had such a exceptional fee accountant assisting me these first two years of my directorship. I don’t know what I would have done without the guidance and support HAAS has given me!”

Kimberly Fannin
Executive Director
Schoolcraft County Housing Commission
(HAAS client since 1981)

“The staff of HAAS is professional, efficient and timely in preparing our monthly financial statements and required submissions to HUD. CMHC relies on the integrity of HAAS staff and their expert knowledge of HUD requirements and regulations in order to be a successful Public Housing Authority. I highly recommend HAAS for your consideration.”

Clinton McKinven-Copus
Executive Director
City of Manistee Housing Commission
(HAAS client since 2005)

“Their fee accounting has been impeccable. They are always available for questions, their staff is friendly and they are extremely knowledgeable about HUD public housing and section 8, payroll and taxes. The Iron Mountain and Kingsford Housing Commissions would not hesitate to recommend HAAS for any of your fee accounting needs… I wouldn’t be without them.”

Jeanne Allard Shaltz, PHM
Executive Director
Iron Mountain and Kingsford Housing Commissions
(HAAS client since 1986)

“After going through our bidding process, we hired Housing Authority Accounting Specialists in 2008. We have had the same accountant, accurate reports and all of the technical assistance we asked for since then. We have been very pleased with the services and have never had a bad audit. I would highly recommend HAAS to meet your accounting needs.”

Pat Winston
Executive Director
Paw Paw Housing Commission